Intervju med Bondora – P2P-Lån

Jag fick chansen att ställa frågor i en slags enkel intervju med Bondora. Frågorna besvarades av Matthew Clannachan som är deras Head of Investor Relations. Bondora är en plattform med högrisk P2P-lån med högre räntor än andra plattformar med P2P-lån.

Så att du vet: Länkarna i inlägget är affiliatelänkar.

Frågorna som jag ställde kom dels från andra investerare i P2P-lån, t.ex via gruppen på Facebook, och dels från mig själv. Korrespondensen, jag älskar det ordet, sköttes på engelska men om det efterfrågas så kan jag översätta frågorna och svaren till svenska.

Nu när jag tänker efter så kanske intervju är fel ord men jag ställde som sagt en del frågor och fick svar på allt. Dont shoot me for click-bait, please.

Intervju med Bondora

Här är frågorna och svaren från intervju med Bondora:

  1. Are you yourself and other staff investing in Bondora?

We recently surveyed our staff on this, and over 80% of our people are actively investing. This was great to hear and is likely a reason why our staff are passionate about what they do – because they’re customers too! And yes, I’m an avid Bondora investor. As are some of my close family and friends.

  1. Sometimes it takes a long time to withdraw funds, why is that? Will it get faster in the future?

Usually, the time it takes for a withdrawal to process totally depends on your bank. If your bank is a member of the instant payments system, you should receive it the same day (within business hours).

We’re working on a project right now which will allow people to receive their withdrawals 24/7 and instantly – we expect this to be live by the end of the summer.

Again, this only applies to banks which are members of the instant payments system. We hope all banks adopt this technology in the future to improve the experience for all.

  1. Are you looking for new loan originators? If so, from any specific countries? If not, why not?

At Bondora, we don’t use any loan originators. All customers apply directly for a loan with Bondora via our site. The service is completely digital and gives an instant decision. We have no immediate plans to offer loans in any countries other than Spain, Finland, and Estonia. However, we plan to expand our operations within these markets – as there’s a huge opportunity to serve customers in need of fair finance.

  1. How many of your loans, in %, defaults? Preferably per risk level

Default levels can vary depending on the risk rating, and overall strategy chosen. For example, with Portfolio Manager you can select a risk profile ranging from ultra-conservative to opportunistic – and your default levels will change in line with this. It’s important to note here that risk and defaults are two separate things.

In other words, defaults are expected within your portfolio and the interest rate on the remaining part of the performing portfolio has been calculated to compensate for that. Every month, we publish a blog post on our recoveries and portfolio performance. This deep dives into all of the critical statistics.

  1. What happens with the loans if Bondora goes bankrupt?

If Bondora declares bankruptcy, no further loans will be issued, and an administrator will take over the management of the active loans and investments.

  1. How many investors are currently active on Bondora?

Today, we have over 66,000 investors who have invested €223M, and this is growing each month. Our most popular way to invest with new and existing investors is Go & Grow – due to its simplicity; it’s made getting started with investing way easier than ever before.

  1. Is Bondora considering any work with crypto coins? If so, please explain. If not, how come?

We have no plans for this. Our goal is simplicity, and to create a reliable service everybody in Europe can use. So for this reason, we will only support investments with Fiat currency.

Nöjd med svaren

Bondora verkar växa starkt och det var kul att höra att så pass många av deras egen personal investerar i plattformen. Jag är nöjd med svaren, vad tycker du? Har du förslag på fler frågor som du vill få svar på? Kommentera gärna och berätta!

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